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Our debt collection services are risk-free because we get paid only if we collect your unpaid and overdue invoices.   We have a history of collecting for trucking companies all over the USA and they know they can count on us to get lost money from unpaid freight invoices.   Check our collection rates, if we cannot collect on your outstanding accounts receivables, then you owe us no collection fees.

Get invoice paid Houston Collections AgencyWe work with trucking companies using a process where we use collections strategies to maximize debt recovery.  We are among a few top collection companies that will have our attorney’s file suit, at your request, if we are unable to collect on the debt, against the shipper of the freight even if the broker is no longer in business and if the shipper paid the delivery charges to the carrier.

Our licensed investigation team checks to find out key information such as researching purchases order numbers (P.O. #), locate carrier division, business credit analysis, identify any successor companies, search corporate status, locate owners and officers, perform UCC searches, investigate and uncover key business relationships.

We assess who will be liable to make the payment of any outstanding unpaid invoices because liability may be on the carrier, broker, driver or shipper.

Our collectors have exceptional collections experience collecting for trucking company owners. They understand reading and researching purchase order (P.O. #) numbers.  We use experience, relationships, and trucking industry-specific knowledge to get your balances paid.  We know that some debtors will not listen to reasonable requests and reasons to get the invoices paid and we need to address the matter for you.


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