Houston Debt Collections Agency uses Legal Process to Collect Debt

Collect Debt and Keep the Customer Houston Debt Collectors

We Leverage the Law to Litigate and Get Legal Judgment to Collect Business to Business Debt

Our firm prefers to settle a debt collection matter without having to go to the courts and 98% of the time we are able to settle outside of court.  However, there are circumstances when we don’t hesitate to go to court and this usually happens when we find no other acceptable alternative.  This results in us filing lawsuits regularly.

We have a network of specialized debt collection attorneys located all over the United States.  These attorneys work for us on a contingency basis.  In most all cases, each lawsuit must be filed where the debtor lives and this is why we have such a big network of attorneys.  By having our own debt collection attorney working with us on a contingency basis, we are then allowed to have a large advantage when it comes to litigation.  We are able to keep our costs lower while debtors must pay their own attorney at an hourly rate.  This causes pressure on the debtor in the resolution of the debt, thus allowing us to seek a default judgment and proceed to the next step of the collection.

We never go to litigation without our client’s written permission to go forward with the court.  We supply you with a solid quote based on your particular claim. Legal fees will apply.

Houston Debt Collections Agency uses Legal Process to Collect Debt

We thoroughly believe the primary factor that must be evaluated is the consideration of whether or not going to court is a return on investment.  There are particular costs involved in taking a debt to court.  We take the time to evaluate the costs and how likely we are to obtain a potential return should we go forward with litigation.

We have a simple equation utilized during the analysis process shown below:

Recovery potential:                                              $10,000

Recovery Net Amount                                          $6,500

The actual likelihood of collecting                       50%

Recovery value, expected:                                  $3,250

We evaluate each variable before we provide our clients with any recommendation and we also provide an analysis of our recommendation.  The most difficult part of our equation is the estimated likelihood of the collection.  Through the litigation process and working with the debt collection attorney, we provide necessary recommendations along the way.

Obtaining a Judgment Collection

We win 99.9% of all lawsuits, but after the lawsuit, we have to collect.

Our agency provides collection services for judgments for anyone who has received a judgment prior to hiring our firm.  Many times, court ordered collections are necessary.  We use our network of collection attorneys and there is no additional cost.

We manage the entire judgment process for our clients and make all the proper steps during the process.  We make an evaluation of all alternatives and provide any recommendations necessary.  Our in house attorneys work closely with us in each individual case.

Houston Debt Collections Agency uses Legal Process to Collect Debt