Commercial Collection Agency Rates

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Contingency Rates are based on Collection Amount

We have competitive contingency rates.  Remember that when you choose a collection agency, the results, integrity, and service are much more imperative than the cost.  The criterion that is most important in selecting a collection agency is how likely the agency will recover the money owed to you.  You will only save a small portion by retaining an agency that employs an $11 per hour script reading debt collector.  We do not collect any fees unless we collect the amount owed to you.

We do not collect any fees unless we collect the amount owed to you.  Our contingency rate amount is based on the total amount collected.

$100,000 and up  25%
$10,000 to $99,999 30%
$100 to $9,999 33 1/3%

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We strive to maintain a consistent system in our collection efforts against any debtors who are non-paying.

“If it seems like it’s too good to be true, then it probably is?”  I am sure you may have heard this quote.  Unfortunately, some collection agencies are too loose and fast when it comes to how much they actually charge for collection services.  This isn’t any way to do business.

You will never have to experience any ambiguity or confusion when it comes to our charge for providing you with our successful debt collection services.

Many collection agencies are the same in their method of collecting debts and many go with the cheapest collection agency with the lowest rate.  Our collection firm can assure you that the rates we charge for our collection service are extremely low when coupled with the exhaustive efforts, we expel to make sure we obtain collection for you.  Our service includes asset searches and skips tracing.

We know these steps are necessary to ensure our clients receive the maximum results in collecting the debt.

Commercial Collection Agency Rates