Most Collection Agencies in Houston Don’t Succeed in Collection

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All collection agencies are not the same.  Our agency specializes in commercial collections and also has:

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Smaller and Larger Debt Collection Agencies in Houston Lack Expertise

Within the United States, there are thousands of collection agencies.  Most are one-man shops started by accounts receivables clerks who became unemployed.  The small collection agencies are not experts at collecting a commercial debt.  They do not possess the business experience to really understand the actual reasons for a business debt or how to manipulate the particular situation to get the debtor to pay.  Their method consists of making phone calls and writing a letter and hoping they get results.

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Collection Agencies in Houston

Then there are other collection agencies that are huge.  These types of agencies collect any and all types of debt ranging from mortgages, credit cards, rent, insurance bills, medical bills, bounced checks, insurance bills, to phone bills.  These agencies have tons of buildings filled with cubicles occupying employees that make $11 an hour by calling people and reading a script from a computer screen.

The predictive dialers reach a debtor by phone which, in turn, is passed off to tele-collectors who have no experience or knowledge except for knowing the date of the debtor’s last payment or total amount owed.  The debt collection callers do not understand the type of business they are calling, the reason the debtor didn’t pay, the nature of the business being called or the business owner’s personality.  They simply call and demand money, which is a much less professional way of handling business.

Collection Agencies in Houston

There are other collection agencies the same size as ours, but our firm has a much more professional and business experience than most other collection agencies.  When hiring a collection agency, you should ask the agency the following questions:

  • ask-a-question to your debt collectorsDoes your agency have any prior experience in running or owning companies?

  • Does your agency have any experience in negotiating acquisitions, negotiating mergers, cross-border ventures or intellectual property licenses?

  • Has your agency had training programs for the credit managers who handle collections or bad debt?

  • Do your consultants travel all over the world to resolve disputes or negotiate transactions?

  • Do your agents have MBAs from reputable colleges?

  • Do your agents use a customized approach to maximize debt recovery?

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It’s quite clear that large collection agencies can’t possibly have only educated and experienced collection agents employed by the agency size they operate.

Our collection agency is unsurpassed in our industry.  We have no initial setup fees and we are paid only when money is successfully collected.  We are leaders in providing professional collection service to credit grantors.

We have many clients who earn more than $1 million each year.  We handle every size claim and also accept clients who only have one claim.

Collection Agencies in Houston

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